Project Description


Our client is a company in the education field with locations in many different states, leading the way to provide a sophisticated after school program specifically designed to prevent children in public school from falling behind.  The client wanted to streamline the hiring and onboarding procedures for new job applicants and new employees.  The client wanted to create a web portal where all applicants and new hires could complete all the necessary paperwork electronically.

Since the client is in the education field and in many different states, there are many different forms that are required by both the client and the licensing board within each state.  The current system used by the client (where all forms are paper-based) was cumbersome, required a lot of paperwork, and was error prone.  The client was looking for a centralized way to manage all of their forms electronically, and solve the problem of lost paperwork which many times led to people not being placed on the company’s payroll.  The client also hoped to reduce the stress of the overwhelmed staff, allowing them to focus on other job responsibilities.

Key Functionality

  • An administrative console which allows a user at the client to create user accounts, view users’ status’, view a user’s completed forms, print a user’s forms, and export payroll information so that it could be imported into an ADP payroll system.
  • All forms were put into electronic format as web-based forms including  job application, interview letters, offer letters, payroll form, W4 form, I9 form, Emergency Contact form, all state licensing forms for 7 different U.S. States.
  • Email notifications to a manager when a user has completed a form, accepted an interview time, or accepted or declined a job offer.
  • Email notifications to a user when there is new information on the portal for the user to view and/or complete.
  • Ability for the finance department to export all information needed for payroll including bank account numbers, routing numbers, withholding status and other identifying information for a new employee with the click of a button from the Admin console.
  • The entire application needed to be highly secure with users’ data encrypted.

The Solution

Outright built the client a Human Resources portal so the client’s entire hiring and onboarding of new employees could be completed electronically.  The client is now able to perform the entire hiring process from job application to employee onboarding electronically with email notifications to assist the client’s staff in keeping track of each person’s status.  Outright worked with the client to determine the requirements and workflow of the portal.  Outright then took those requirements and created wireframes and functional specifications which were then translated into design concepts and then coded to the specifications.  Outright built all of the company and state-based forms in electronic format as well as custom email notifications when each form is submitted.  Outright also built a custom export feature to allow the finance department to easily extract all necessary payroll information to ensure employees are paid in a timely fashion.

Project Details

  • Web Application Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Workflow Automation
  • Intranet/Corporate Portal