Project Description

Mobile App to Inventory and Organize your Possessions
Manage My Things is a new photo-based mobile app product which helps homeowners inventory and organize the important things in their home allowing them to generate reports which can then be used for estate planning, insurance, charity, financial planning and more.  Outright Development developed Manage My Things as part of a custom app development engagement.

The app is available as a native iOS app on the iTunes App Store as well as an Android app on Google Play store as a yearly subscription for individual users.  A “white label” version is available for organizations such as law firms and insurance companies as well.

Users can take photos of their possessions (appliances, furniture, electronics, jewelry, etc.) and can add metadata such as descriptions, estimated value, notes, and tags.  The items can then be organized into folders based on purpose/use/category.   Users can then generate PDF reports which can be sent to their estate planning attorney, insurance company, or favorite charity to be acted on in the future in case of an emergency such as a fire or flood, death, or serve as records of donation receipts.

The photos and associated data of the user’s items are stored and synchronized in a secure cloud storage account.

Key Functional Requirements & Technical Challenges

  • Users of the app needed to store images and data securely in the cloud
  • The requirement of an efficient workflow for signing-up for an account, verifying their email/account, purchasing a subscription, and authenticating
  • The user experience required fast and efficient user experience for adding, classifying, and organizing images and associated metadata
  • The mobile app needed to allow users to bulk import their images from their phone’s camera roll
  • Users needed the ability to organize their ‘things’ by multiple houses.  For example, they needed to differentiate items in their primary home from things in their parents’ home, or their secondary/vacation home.
  • A subscription-based eCommerce model was required
  • The client required a scalable hosting and storage solution in the cloud for storing customer data
  • The mobile app needed to be able to create a PDF report document from within the app and had be able to send the PDF to recipients via email

The Solution
Outright Development worked with the Manage My Thing stakeholders to create a streamlined user experience (UX) for users that is intuitive enabling them to quickly and effortlessly add their items to the app as well as to classify and organize them.

Outright developed a custom app for Manage My Things for both iPhone and Android devices.  Outright Development built a custom PHP-based back-end web application and database for the storage of user account data as well as a management console for Manage My Things stakeholders to view and manage customer information.  Outright employed Amazon AWS’s S3 service for secure storage of the end user’s photos.

Outright built a REST based API to provide the connection between the mobile apps and the web application for data synchronization and employed some custom libraries and templates for PDF file generation on the iPhone and Android devices.

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