Project Description

Overview: Distributor Portal for Ergonomic Office Furniture Manufacturer

Outright was hired to build a distributor web portal for an industry leading manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture products (keyboard systems, CPU holders, monitor arms, and sit-stand desks).  The client’s products are found in the busiest and most complex office and work environments, including healthcare where having technology close at hand just might make all the difference. The client needed a distributor web portal which would enable the customer’s distributors to quickly and easily get information on their products such as pricing, specifications, and sales collateral.

Key Challenges & Desired Functionality

  • The need for a secure login mechanism and an easy way to distribute and manage account access to distributors
  • The ability to search products quickly and easily based on a various criteria
  • The ability for distributors to access product collateral
  • The ability to display different product pricing depending on the type of distributor

The Solution

Outright built a distributor web portal based on the Drupal CMS platform which enabled the client to easily manage the product and sales related information presented to distributors.

The distributor web portal contained a secure login mechanism which allowed managers to tightly control who had access to the application.  Distributors can create accounts using a self sign-up capability where managers at the client are then alerted, and can allow access to the distributor if they want.  When user accounts are created, users are assigned a ‘role’ which represents the tier of distributor that they belong to.  Users must change their passwords on a periodic basis to prevent unauthorized access when distributors change jobs.

When users login to the application and view products, the user’s role determines the pricing tier that the user sees.  This enables users who belong to one tier to see different product pricing for products within the web portal than users who belong to another pricing tier.

The web portal provides users with an easy way to search and navigate products.  Users can filter search results based on product criteria “facets” (product attributes) such as number of screens in the product, finish/color, height, reach, adjustability, etc.  Search results are also presented as images, making it easier for users to find what they are looking for quickly.

Users can view detailed product information such as descriptions, photos, specifications, pricing, and individual SKU information.  Users can quickly and easily output the product information into a ‘print friendly’ format.

The web portal has a library of product collateral including specification sheets, sales collateral, CAD drawings, videos, and white papers.  Users can download the collateral locally and save to their own computers/devices.

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