Project Description

Greeting Card Subscription Service

Cardayo is a new web-based subscription service which delivers actual paper-based greeting cards to subscribers for the special occasions in their lives.  Customers sign up, enter their events and occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, and then Cardayo matches the perfect greeting card for the occasion based on customer preferences.  Cardayo ships the real, physical greeting cards to the customer.  The customer can then sign the cards and mail the cards, or hand deliver to the recipients.

Customers can configure each event/occasion based on preferences such as the sentiment for the occasion (serious, lighthearted, etc.).  When the date of each occasion nears, Cardayo uses data matching algorithms to match the right card to the recipient based on preferences and sentiment, and then sends an email to the customer in advance which contain a preview of the card.  The customer can choose to cancel the card or swap it out for another card prior to the card being shipped.

Key Functional Requirements & Technical Challenges

  • Data matching algorithms for matching greeting cards to recipients based on event type, preferences and sentiment
  • Complex algorithms to calculate notification and ship dates based on user location, card inventory, event date, lead time, etc.
  • eCommerce integration for recurring subscription plans based on number of cards/events
  • Streamlined user sign-up process optimized for converting subscribers
  • Database and application for entering/uploading greeting card data
  • Application for managing inventory and fulfillment
  • Administration area for managing users accounts and subscriptions

The Solution
Outright Development worked with the founder of this startup to build a custom web application from the ground-up.   Outright spent time to understand the desired features, functionality, and use cases and was able to guide the client through the custom software development process from A-to-Z including specifications, UX/UI design, coding, QA, and deployment of the “MVP” version of the product.

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