Project Description


Our client is a major importer of specialty coffee beans.  They have coffee buyers all over the world who need to assess the coffee bean’s quality at various stages during the buying process as well as throughout the delivery and warehouse storage phases after the beans have been purchased from he supplier.  The assessment process involves employees sampling the coffees at various stages for quality and then recording their findings.  The client wanted a web application which would enable them to store data about the coffee in a database.  They also wanted both a desktop web interface as well as an interface which is optimized for the iPad so that employees can use tablets to be able to move freely around while sampling coffee.


Key Challenges & Functionality

  • Complex workflow
  • Multiple UI layouts for data entry
  • Import & export of data
  • Reporting functionality
  • Usability Testing

The Solution

Outright built the client a web application which with multiple interfaces including a UI which is optimized for the iPad as well as another which is optimized for desktop browsers.  Outright’s usability experts worked with the client’s staff to understand the workflows and challenges that the client’s coffee assessors face in their day to day processes.  Outright devised a streamlined workflow for their employees to quickly and accurately enter their coffee evaluation data into the application.  Outright also built a series of reporting capabilities which enabled management to quickly gain insights into the results of the coffee evaluations.