Project Description

Our client creates products that provide quick answers to some of life’s simple yet time-critical questions.  The client wanted to build a mobile app product which would reduce airport travel stress by providing users with the location of gates and the amount of time needed to reach those gates.  The client wanted to solve the problems of millions of passengers missing their flights and spending additional money and time traveling.

Airport Mobile App

Key Functionality

  • Selecting the destination airport and using the airport map to quickly locate gates and checkpoints a passenger will need to pass through.
  • A picker wheel for the gate the traveler is going from and to and then a time bar feature to estimate the amount of time it will take the traveler to get from one gate to another.
  • Functions for additional travel information such as: airline terminal location, shuttle schedule, other transportation services and quick tips.

The Solution
Outright built two native iOS iPhone apps for the client; the first a basic version for the occasional traveler and the second a pro version for the more frequent traveler.   Outright was involved in the early concept stage of the original app and worked with the client during usability, development and testing of both the original app and the upgraded version of the iPhone app.




 Project Details

iOS Application Development

UI/UX Design

Mobile App Development