Project Description

Our client is a major contractor for the U.S. Federal government who was contracted to build a web application which would serve as a tool to help track audit information of correctional facilities (prisons, jails, juvenile detention centers).

The tool would be used by employees of the correctional facilities to answer questions about how their facility is complying with federal standards.  Employees would answer a series of questions related to compliance and would upload supporting documents associated with the various standards.

Government auditors would then use the tool to review the information submitted by the facilities, and indicate whether based on the information provided, whether the facility is in compliance or not.  The auditor can then submit their notes and comments as well as upload any supporting materials.

At the conclusion of the audit process, the web application generates reports for both the facility and the auditor which indicate the results of the audit, whether or not the facility passed, and any corrective actions that must be then taken.

Key Challenges

  • Complex workflow with multiple checkpoints and sign offs based on the users’ role in the audit process
  • High security: the application had to adhere to FISA security standards
  • Usability: the application needed to be user friendly and intuitive enough to be used by persons with broad levels of computer experience
  • Complex business logic: the application required a large number of complex rules for tracking completeness and status based on the answers to audit questions
  • Question builder tools: the application required administrative tools to be build which would enable the client’s employees to construct audit questions and response types
  • Data integrity: since the tool was used for compliance audits, the audit data and questions could not change once submitted.  All responses and question data needed to be logged.

The Solution
Outright spent time with the client understanding the various workflows for the various user personas that would be using the application.  Outright created functional specifications and UI/UX design for the web application and vetted with the client for use with the user personas.   Outright developed the web application on a PHP platform using the Zend framework.  The database used is mySQL.  Outright worked with the client’s security specialists to ensure that the application adhered to all of the FISA security requirements.  The application was tested extensively prior to being turned over for deployment into the client’s environment.