Project Description

Our client is a start-up company providing technology/data products and services to insurance and financial services firms. They wanted to build a web-based platform which would help insurance companies to generate sales leads by providing consumers with life insurance quotes.
Their product allows insurance brokers to create a number of widgets and landing pages which can be integrated into their own marketing web pages.  The widgets and landing pages can be customized to match the “look and feel” of the broker’s web pages.  Visitors to the broker’s sites are prompted to enter some basic information such as their age, whether they are a smoker, in good health, etc., along with the term of the life insurance they are looking for, and optionally their email address.  The system then returns price quotes from various insurance carriers based on the information provided.  Users can then apply for an insurance policy online via the platform.
The user’s data gets saved in a secure database and personnel at the broker’s company can log into the platform to access their own dashboard and custom CRM where they can view their sales leads, run reports, view insurance and manage insurance applications, and more.

Key Feature/Challenges

  • Integration with 3rd party insurance rate data provider
  • Customize sales dashboard and CRM workflow
  • Customizable widgets which can be embedded into broker’s website
  • Customizable landing pages with lead capture forms which can be linked to calls to action on a broker’s website
  • Integration with 3rd party insurance e-Application provider
  • Highly secure environment to encrypt and protect user’s sensitive health data
  • Email alerts to account managers and sales representatives
  • In-depth reporting and charting with multiple sales role support

The Solution
Outright designed a custom PHP-based web application using MySQL as the database.  Administrators at the brokerages could log in and configure the insurance companies and insurance products to appear in the results, create custom lead capture widgets and landing pages, and set up user accounts for their employees.  Outright integrated a 3rd party data provider’s “quote engine” to get updated insurance rate quote information.  Outright Development build the application workflow including forms and data capture for end users to apply for the insurance, as well as a custom CRM dashboard and reporting application for authorized employees at the brokers to view and manage their sales leads that are generated from the platform.