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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Outright Development is a full service mobile app development company specializing in the development of business and consumer apps including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones, Android tablets, and HTML5. We have broad industry experience and immerse ourselves in our clients’ business to understand the workflow and technical challenges.

Our team is passionate about providing the best technical solutions along with the best user experience. From strategy to development and beyond, we will help you to create a tailored solution.

We have extensive experience in usability and interaction design of integrated applications and portals which makes us uniquely positioned to deliver superior mobile applications. Due to our modern approach and efficient process, we are able to provide a high quality product that is on time and within budget.

Current and past assignments include building new mobile app products, streamlining business tasks, extending existing systems to be mobile enabled, and completing complex web services integrations.

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Building New Apps and Enabling Existing Systems to be Mobile Capable

Outright can build new mobile app products and services as well as extend existing applications to support mobile capabilities.

Are you a start-up with a new mobile app product idea?  We can help take your product from concept to reality.  Our team has deep experience building and launching new mobile app products and can guide you every step of the way.  In addition to development, we can help at the ground level with mobile app strategy, feature and functionality definition, user interface and user experience, beta testing, launch deployment, and more.

Do you want to extend your current system/service with mobile app capabilities?  We can analyze your current application/product and help to define how the existing features and functionality will translate into a mobile app.  Further, we are able to work alongside your internal engineering teams to integrate mobile app functionality with your existing back-end systems.

Good Mobile App Development Starts with Good User Experience

The key to a successful mobile app is the user experience (UX).  Mobile UX defines how your end users will interact with the mobile app.  How well can they accomplish their tasks?  Is your app intuitive for first time users?  Do users want to continue using your app?  Are you presenting the right data, features, and content in the workflow?

When you set out to develop a mobile app, the user experience should be the considered and planned out along with the key features and functionality of the app.  You need a mobile app development partner that can bring the right expertise to the table to increase your chances that your app project will be successful.  At Outright, we put a premium on user experience advising and helping clients with usability and user experience from the initial planning stages all the way through the process.

Back-end Systems to Support Your Mobile App

Most mobile apps need supporting back-end systems to function.  Users need to be able to login.  Data needs to be collected.  Content needs to retrieved.  Statistics need to be collected.

Back-end systems for mobile apps usually consist of a database to store data, content, and user information as well as APIs which serve as the communication layer between the mobile apps and the back-end system.  Some systems also require secure, web based administration sites to allow company stakeholders to manage users, content, view reports, and other functionality.

Outright Development has extensive experience building mobile apps, as well as the back-end infrastructure that is needed to support them.   We love a good technical challenge and can devise and build the right end-to-end technical solution for your app.

Our Mobile App Development Services:

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps

  • Native iOS & Android Apps

  • Responsive Mobile Websites

  • Back-End Development for Mobile

  • API Development for Apps

  • Mobile Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Mobile Product Development & Strategy

  • Data and Content Integration with Mobile Apps

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    Some Recent Projects:

    We engaged Outright Development on the technical build of our B2C website last year and their team picked up our concept right away, delivering a great product on a tight schedule.

    Ted Vender Linden, Navin, Haffty, & Associates

    We have hired Outright for a very important application development project. They did a great job understanding the business context and working hand in hand with the rest of the stakeholders. I was really impressed with the work that was delivered using a weekly sprint approach and willingness to adjust direction, based on the feedback from us.

    Apparao Karri, Entrepreneurial Product Management Executive, Profitect, Inc.

    Why Choose Us:

    • Broad Range of Industry Experience

    • Assistance with Specification/Feature Definition

    • Full Service: Design, Development, QA, Post Launch Support, and More

    • Reasonable & Cost Effective Pricing Models

    • Efficient Development Methodology

    • “Fluent” in Various Technology Platforms

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