Project Description

The client is an education company which provides private after school program curriculum integrated into public schools across a number of different states.They needed a way to perform and track periodic evaluations of their programs at the various schools in a standardized way with results which could be accessed from a centralized database rather than the paper-based system which was previously used. They also needed a way to maintain a checklist of activities that needed to be completed throughout the year for each school location.

They wanted to permission managers and supervisors so that each can login securely and perform evaluations, but only on the schools and programs that they are assigned to, as well as a centralized way to view the results of the assessments.

The client is rapidly expanding their presence in more schools and within more states and so it was important that the web application could easily expand as the company continues to grow. It was also important that the users be able to access the system using their iPad and other tablets. Therefore the data entry UI needed to be “responsive” to be able to use on tablets as well as desktops.

Key Functionality:

  • An administrative console to allow client employees to create user accounts, permission users to schools, add new schools to the system as the program expands, and view and edit the forms submitted.
  • Program assessment data entry user interface which enabled managers to quickly and efficiently input assessment score data into the system.  The application tabulated overall performance scores based on responses entered into the assessment forms.
  • Checklist UI which enabled managers to enter checklist answer data.
  • Ability for administrators to log into an admin console to view the assessment and checklist score results.
  • Ability to export assessments as print-friendly PDF documents.
  • Responsive UI design optimized for tablets for ease of data entry for users “in the field”.

The Solution:

Outright developed a responsive web application using Angular.js as the front-end framework, PHP for the back-end and MySQL as the database.

Client administrators can create accounts for employees and permission them for the roles, locations (states), and schools that they are required to perform assessments for:


The web application enables the client’s employees to perform assessments by entering data into a “rubric” user interface from their iPads.  The application displays scoring criteria for the various categories and enables the user to enter their scores.  The application then calculates total scores for each assessment:

Education Program Assessment UI

The Client’s employees can also complete and submit “checklists” containing a series of questions and answers related to the educational programs:


Project Details:

  • Web Application Development
  • Responsive UI/UX Design Optimized for iPads and Tablets
  • Workflow Automation