Project Description


The client is a baby products company whose products are sold in major retail chains throughout the United States.  The client wanted to create a “smart” video baby monitor that would allow parents to view their baby using a custom built tablet device which served as the baby monitor which would connect to an internet-enabled video camera.

The baby monitor would also enable parents to log and store data about their baby such as length, weight, temperature, feeding intervals, sleep times, and medical information.   The app had to be HIPAA compliant, transmitting and storing the data securely in the cloud as well as on the device itself.  All of the information would be easily entered into the monitor via the touch screen by either the parent or a caregiver.  This would give the parent the ability to have all the essential information about the baby at their fingertips.


The client also needed companion mobile phone apps (iOS and Android) which would enable authorized family members to view the baby video stream and logged data from outside the home (at a doctor’s office, for example).


The client also needed an administrative console to login to the backend system to manage their customer accounts and provide customer support.

Key Functionality:

  • Ability to view the camera’s video feed via the custom monitor (tablet), iPhone and Android phones
  • Store and view baby data (length, weight, etc.) on the devices, and in the cloud in a secure HIPPA compliant database
  • Various secure and permissioned logins for viewing by different user roles
  • Ability for client to log into the backend using an admin console to view and manage customer accounts
  • Ability for parents to access the device’s camera to take pictures and then share the photos on social media


The Solution:

Outright built a custom tablet app using the Android operating system to provide the required features and functionality of the baby monitor.  The client then manufactured the baby monitors using the software that Outright developed.

Outright created stand-alone mobile apps for the companion iPhone and Android phone apps which are used by family members to view video and access baby data from outside the home.  Users can access the phone apps via the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Outright created a cloud-based back-end system with an encrypted database to store the baby-related data along with a set of REST web services for which the baby monitor and the companion mobile apps interact with to handle user authentication and data synchronization, among other functions.

Project Details:

  • Custom Android Tablet App
  • Mobile App Development (iPhone and Android)
  • HIPAA Compliant Database