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Apple Watch Development: Top 3 Usability Considerations

Now that Apple Watch is starting to ship (although slowly, it seems), we’ve been getting a steady stream of inquiries about developing apps for it, and for adding Apple Watch functionality to our customers’ existing apps.  However, there seems to be some confusion about how Apple Watch apps “work” and best practices around user experience.  If you are thinking about building an Apple Watch app, or adding Apple Watch functionality to an existing iPhone app, then there are some usability considerations that you should keep in mind: There really isn’t such a thing as a stand-alone Apple Watch app (at least at the [...]

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Quickly Test Usability With Mock-ups

A long-time client called the other day with a problem: their web application has some important functionality that their users were just not noticing and therefore not using. They wanted to re-design the UI for this "problem area" and wanted us to implement it. We chatted for a while and we were able to convince them that there are a few ways to "skin that cat" in terms of solving the usability issue. We recommended that rather than make a hasty decision, it is better to first have a couple of variations mocked up by a designer, and then usability test [...]

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Mobile Web Optimization (Part II): Key Decision Factors

In Part I of our topic, we discussed the various options for mobile web optimization including responsive design, mobile specific websites, and the use of mobile web frameworks such as Sencha Touch. There are a number of factors that go into making a decision as to which approach is the best for your organization. This article will review some of those decision factors. What's your mobile strategy? As in most efforts, starting by defining your strategy usually makes good sense. Why do you want a mobile website? Does it give your company an advantage? Are your customers requesting it? Are a high number [...]

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Mobile Web Optimization (Part I): what are the options?

Many organizations have 2013 marketing initiatives to make their web sites “mobile optimized”, but what does this really mean? We often receive inquiries by clients who want to make their current websites accessible via smart phones and tablet devices, but are not sure where to start. In the first part of this series, we will discuss some available options, along with the pros and cons. “Mobile Web Optimization” usually means taking an existing website or application that has been designed for viewing in a desktop browser, and making it so that it can be viewed (and function) well in a mobile [...]

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