GoodFirms Recognizes Outright Development’s Top Custom Software Development Services in the U.S.

Custom software solutions are the key to unlocking an organization's full potential. You will need a collaborator dedicated to delivering modern software solutions such as apps, system integrations, and web-based platforms that empowers your business to thrive in today's hyper-connected digital world. With this intent, Outright Development is an ideal pick for custom software development services. This article will aid the readers in understanding the software development services offered by Outright Development's team of experts to help clients' businesses The Inception Story Founded in 2009, Outright Development is a Custom Software Development Company with Web, Mobile, and Product Development Expertise. [...]

What is Node.js and What is it Used For?

Although Node.js has been around since 2009, it is a technology that has gained a lot of momentum in the past year and one in which customers will frequently inquire about. However, it can be easily misunderstood with respect to how it can be best used in web application development.  Node.js is a web technology platform that is installed on a web server and is built in JavaScript. It is very good at enabling high volumes of data to be sent between the server-side application and the end-user's browser in real or near real time (for example a website that has live chat functionality).  It enables many [...]

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