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Speed Up Your Website Using a CDN

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a service that can host your web content in the cloud and distribute it geographically to servers around the globe.  When web users access a website’s pages, the data that is hosted at the CDN gets sent to the user from the CDN’s server/node that is closest to the user which decreases the download time it takes to reach the user.  Many popular video streaming applications use CDNs as part of their infrastructure such as so that videos can be streamed to the user quickly and efficiently from the closest point to them. This same CDN technology can be used to speed [...]

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SSL Certificate Options Explained

Clients usually have a need to keep their user's data secure in transit from the end user's browser to the web server via a SSL certificate.  However, there are a number of options available today in terms of different types of SSL certificates which can be confusing.  There are free SSL certificates, domain validated certificates, company validated, and also extended validation certificate options.  While all of these options offer the same level of encryption, they vary based on the level of validation that is done to determine the legitimacy of the company who's purchasing them. Free SSL certificates are sometimes offered [...]

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Go Easy on the Reports!

Reporting capabilities are a common business requirement from clients while building web applications. The problem is that clients often get carried away with the amount of reports that they think they need. A common scenario is one where they will think of and define every conceivable report that might be needed (whether it is actually needed or not). This in turn increases the time it takes to complete the application as well as increasing the cost of the project. Clients often then find that they wind-up using a small fraction of the reports once the application is live. Over time, they [...]

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