Robotic Process Automation Development

Automate Repetitive and Costly Business Tasks with RPA

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Outright Development provides robotic process automation (RPA) development and consulting services.  We design and implement RPA solutions to automate business processes.

Is your organization getting bogged-down with large volumes of repetitive and manual tasks?  Are you looking to automate manual tasks in order to free-up valuable resources that can be better focused on higher value tasks within your organization?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will allow you to automate most tasks that require moving data manually from one system to another – emails to spreadsheets, spreadsheets to accounting, from accounting to ERP systems.  RPA will mimic human actions and replicate them efficiently and without error and at scale. Yes, multiple robots can implemented to handle myriad functions.  These robots will work with your employees to help boost their productivity and drive customer happiness.

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Use Robotic Process Automation to Automate your Business Tasks

RPA can help your business in many ways including:

  • Automate repetitive data entry tasks
  • Automate manual calculations and comparisons of data
  • Improve accuracy of work output
  • Bridge the gap between legacy applications and newer systems
  • Search for and extract data from large volumes of documents
  • Monitor processes and systems
  • Create exception reports

Outright has partnered with the leading RPA software platforms including UiPath and Automation Anywhere to develop and deliver the best RPA solution for your needs.  Our development experts create high-functioning and cost effective tools which will improve your business productivity, advance the quality of output, improve employee motivation, and standardize processes.

Wide-Ranging Industry Experience

Outright has completed successful development projects in numerous industry domains including healthcare, financial services, government, retail, consumer products, travel & tourism, insurance, manufacturing, education and more.

In each case, we took the time to understand our client’s business, their industry, and their customers.  We are able to quickly learn your business and needs and then propose a high impact solution for your business process automation project.

Reasonable Pricing and Flexible Terms

Our pricing is reasonable and we have flexible terms. We’d love to hear about your needs and discuss potential solutions for it.  We can typically turn around an estimate within 24 hours.

Cost estimates are transparent, and we do our best to break down the costs by feature and by task area (e.g. development, QA, project management, etc.).

Our RPA Development Services:

  • RPA Consulting

  • RPA Development Services

  • Data Mining and Data Scraping

  • Data Entry Automation

  • Custom Business Automation Apps

  • Document Capture Services

  • Image Processing Automation

  • Intelligent Document Recognition

  • Process Monitoring

  • Exception Reporting

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Some Recent Projects:

We engaged Outright Development on the technical build of our B2C website last year and their team picked up our concept right away, delivering a great product on a tight schedule.

Ted Vender Linden, Navin, Haffty, & Associates

We have hired Outright for a very important application development project. They did a great job understanding the business context and working hand in hand with the rest of the stakeholders. I was really impressed with the work that was delivered using a weekly sprint approach and willingness to adjust direction, based on the feedback from us.

Apparao Karri, Entrepreneurial Product Management Executive, Profitect, Inc.

Why Choose Us:

  • Broad Range of Industry Experience

  • Assistance with Specification/Feature Definition

  • Full Service: Design, Development, QA, Post Launch Support, and More

  • Reasonable & Cost Effective Pricing Models

  • Efficient Development Methodology

  • “Fluent” in Various Technology Platforms

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