iPhone iOS App for Keeping Contacts Up To Date

Project Info


Our client is a start-up company that was looking to create a product that allows people to keep up to date with the latest address changes, phone numbers, and email addresses of the contacts in their iPhone’s address book. The client was looking for a mobile app to help people stay up to date with their contacts in a world where people move, change jobs or switch phone numbers and email addresses on a rapid basis.

Key Functionality

The app scans the contacts in the user’s iOS address book and searches against a database of personal and business contact information to match the contacts and identify any inconsistencies or missing information. When matching information is found, the user has the option to review the information and choose to update that information. If the user decides to use the information supplied by the database, the iPhone app will augment the user’s contacts with the new information (will append the new information to the existing content record). Any changes made to the contact record can be reverted, returning the record to its previous state if needed. Privacy of the user’s contact information is a key concern. No personal information will be saved, shared or used after the scan and/or update. All data is exchanged over a secure system.

The Solution

Outright built a native iOS iPhone app for the client and was able to provide usability, development and testing/QA services during the engagement. The client already had a web service API for communicating with the back-end database which Outright was seamlessly able to integrate into the app. The app also had multiple payment options (subscription, free, pay-as-you-go) for which Outright had implemented in-app purchase functionality. Outright worked with the client extensively during the usability phase to determine the optimal display of the information to the user.

Project Details

iOS Application Development UI/UX Design


  • API Development
  • Web Application Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • iPhone Development

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